Art and Music Integrated

This page directs you to the videos that combine music and art works into integrated viewing and listening experiences. Click on an image below to watch its video and read more about it.

Night Rising (cardboard, acrylic, watercolour, 50 x 71 cm)
Nature Musings – Video
Weltanschauung of Andrew (cardboard, acrylic, watercolour, 70x51cm)
Lifting Off the Earth
Broken Heart
Touched by Love
_Ananda 5A8023






Preview of Multiple Art Works:

  1. Nature Musings” by Nina Soyfer, photography by Oksana Steplyuk (StudioSo
  2. Lifting Off the Earth” by Nina Soyfer, photography by Oksana Steplyuk (StudioSo
  3. Touched by Love” by Nina Soyfer, photography by Oksana Steplyuk (StudioSo

Detailed Viewing of A Single Art Work:

  1.  “Ananda,” paper, gel pens, markers, 37 x 25 cm, by Nina Soyfer. Photography by Oksana Steplyuk (StudioSo

The art works themselves can be found in Portfolio, and the music files in the videos can be listened to separately on Nina Soyfer’s SoundCloud (