Nina Soyfer- Pianist

Dr. Nina Soyfer is a prize-winning, classically trained pianist, who has performed internationally in various styles and composes piano pieces for other pianists as well. She recently released her debut piano album Radiant Classics, which received a great review from Whole Note Magazine (March 2018). Performing at the piano, since the age of 5, everything that Nina does stems from her relationship to the piano.  The release of “Radiant Classics” exemplifies her radiance and glow that comes from performing music.

Her piano performance training has been full-time from the age of 5 in state-sponsored Ukrainian arts schools and in Canada at the Bachelor, ARCT, Masters, and Doctoral, LRCM in piano levels of music study. She studied classical piano performance with her supervisor and mentor, Professor Christina Petrowska-Quilico, Dr. Nikolay and Oksana Somov, Natalia Kushnir, Natalia Glazova, and other world renowned musicians. She studied piano accompaniment with Professor Cecilia Ignatieff among others, piano composition with Professor Michael Coghlan and Arthur Levine, as well as pianism in composition with Christina Petrowska-Quillico.

Another release “Perspective Changer” features her ability to improvise and compose in impressionistic intuitive style (listen/buy above), as well as combine piano playing with vocal performance. The digital compositions featured on the album “Ananda” (listen/buy below) were created with pianistic skills and feature electro-acoustic compositions.
Upcoming events include recording of the second classical piano album, as well as performance of Dr. Soyfer’s piano compositions by Maria Dolnyky and Morgan Melbourne. Previous premieres include Owen Lawrence, Ottawa 2014, piano solo. Return to the home page of this site to find all released albums and perhaps get your copy today.


Collaborative Performances: