Nina Soyfer – Vocalist

Dr. Soyfer’s vocal public performance has been ongoing from 1991, and until today voice improvisation and pre-composed repertoire are in line with her other music and artistic endeavours. For example, in 2011 she combined a top quality classical piano recital with two original art songs included among Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and Beethoven.
Starting her training in voice, microphone work, and repertoire development from 3 years old, she entered a youth performing choir in Vinnitsa Arts School early on, and continued her training and performing practice ever since. Highlights include solo and ensemble work in Ukrainian music college in Vinnitsya, choral work with John Tuttle and Counterpoint Chorale, Soloist and Collaborator in Humanity in Harmony Festival 3 times, as well as a solo in Jubilate Singers choral performance in 2016. The ongoing projects include composing for small ensemble and collaborating with other artists to premiere Nina’s works and her co-composed works with students and friends, including William Izungo, Brenda Ornelas, and many more.
Her PhD dissertation is partly in voice pedagogy and partly in voice repertoire/warm up composition, as well as stage etiquette. Nina Soyfer has been teaching/coaching voice since 1998 and enjoys working in styles that include classical, popular, and partially soul and jazz. She studied with Iaroslav Kushka (prof. of voice and popular voice studies in Ukraine), Robert Lowen (RCM vocal expert), Michael Donovan (opera soloist, composer. Prof. of voice), as well as Stacey Asiedu (soul), Sharie Marshal (jazz), and diction/tone Joy Juckes, and others.

Currently Nina Soyfer is collaborating and proposing new performances, as well as teaches vocal technique and songwriting for all ages.


Selected Past Performances:

June 22nd, 2017

Vocal Soloist: Children of Our World WORLD PREMIERE (original) thumb children2
(Voice, Piano, Violin, Cello, Percussion)
Duo With Brenda Ornelas: El Amor de Mi Corazon (duo voice) (St Marks Lutheran Church) 



June 17, 2017


Vocal Soloist, Lead Vocalist, Accompanist:

Look Into Your Heart by Nina Soyfer
Universe by Sophia O. and N. Soyfer
Flowers of Rainbow by Nina Soyfer
El Amor de Mi Corazon by Brenda Ornelas and Nina Soyfer
at Placebo Space, Toronto, performance publicized by Really Records and Faye Perkins 

March 4, 2017

1Vocal Soloist (Contralto):

Dao Zsi (aka Inside Desire) Choral Version (SATB, piano, percussion)
by Jubilate Singers, conductor Isabel Bernaus, with Ubuntu Drummers,
in a concert titled “African Connection” at St. Simon-the- Apostle Church,

June 18, 2016  

gaya studio

Vocal Soloist: A Day with Gaia, Their Love (orig.) Gallery 345, Toronto
(more below the videos)


20161029_143650Oct. 29, 2016

Vocalist Duo:
ROSALIE ARIA, (orig.) with Rosalie Ginestet (from Paris), at Placebo Space

Vocal Soloist, Sing Along, Look Into Your Heart

commissioned by Rexdale Women’s Community Centre

Canada July 2014

  • Vocal Soloist and Guitar/Piano Accompanist for Nina and
    performing four songs in English and Russian,
    two of them my original, at Humanity in Harmony Festival                  2009- 2011
  • Performer, accompanist, arranger, and translator of Russian
    Children songs in Driftwood Public School Spring Concert                 June 2009
  • Program leader, composer, arranger, conductor, and accompanist
    for Derrydown Choir afterschool program,
    with TheatrePeace Inc.                                                                               Sept. 2007 – June 2008
  • Vocalist with Trinity College Chapel Choir, University of
    Toronto, Conductor and Choirmaster John Tuttle                                  Sept. 2007
  •  Vocalist with Counterpoint Chorale (member of ),
    Conductor and Artistic Director William Woloschuk                              2004 – 2009

  • Vocalist (first Alto) in “Opera…of Chorus!” at Church of The
    Holy Trinity             May 2009
  • Vocalist (first Alto) in “Rachmaninov’s Vespers” at St. Basil’s
    Church                                                                                                          Mar. 2009
  • Vocalist in “Let Our Voices be Heard” at Church of
    Holy Trinity                                                                                                    Dec. 2008
  • Vocalist (first Alto) in “Sing-Along Messiah”, at Metropolitan
    United Church                                                                                              February  2008
  • Vocalist in Gabriel Faure’s Requiem: In Honour of the
    Victims of the 1932-33 Holodomor/Famine in Ukraine”,
    at Eglinton St. George’s United Church                                                  May 2008
  • Tenor in “Rachmaninov’s Vespers” at
    Greek Orthodox Church of St. George                                                     May 26, 2007
  • Alto in “Downtown Messiah” at
    The Church of the Holy Trinity                                                                   Dec.1, 2006
  • Alto in “Mozart: Grand Mass in C Minor” at
    St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Basilica                                                          June 3, 2006
  • Alto in “Winterlude” at
    Eglinton St. George’s United Church                                                       Dec.11, 2005
  • Alto in “Together for the Season” at
    St. George’s United Church                                                                      Dec.7, 2004


  • Performer since childhood in Ukraine with School of Arts,
    Public School No.9, M.D. Leontovich Music College of
    Culture & Arts, “Eneinem” theatre                                                 1990 – 2004
  • Solo performance of and art song Ia Vas Liubil by Tchaikovsky,
    and singing/accompaniment of an art song, composed by me,
    and alto in musicology students vocal ensemble
    in major Musicology Faculty Concert,
    at M.D. Leontovich Music College of Culture & Arts                              Fall 2003