Nature Musings

A Section of the first page (Nature Musings, solo piano)

“I composed this piece to accompany a person’s experience of observing beautiful calm events of nature. The piece is still like nature, and just as a viewer is mesmerized by subtle movements within the slightest details of trees, flowers, streams, or clouds, so too can the listener by minimalistic patterns and fluent melody in the music. One of my foremost inspirations in visual art is nature, owing to its endless creativity in colour and form.

This music piece was written for the birthday of my beloved cousin, Oksana Steplyuk. She is an extremely gifted professional, creative, and top class photographer, who courageously undertook the task of photographing my sparkly and metallics-filled art works. It seemed fitting to place her song with her photographs in this video.”

Sheet music in pdf format is available. Please contact Nina Soyfer using the form below if you would like more information or the complete sheet music score for this composition.