African Dance – Sorsornie

In this video Nina Soyfer performs with African Dance Ensemble for the Governor General of Canada in 2009. Read about Nina Soyfer as a dancer by clicking here.

The African Dance Ensemble was founded in September 2001. The founder and Artistic Director, Dr. Isaac Akrong, envisioned a small world of cultures blending to learn more about African culture through the arts and related disciplines. Choreographing for over a decade, presenting ethnographic/ethnomusicologica­l works on African culture, dance, music, songs, drumming, flutes, and xylophones, he is blessed now with a wonderful team of performers with whom to share this holistic, all-inclusive African theatre experience and art form. This is something that no text can represent, but which is told by the experience of interaction between our performers and the world. After this experience you will have your own version of this story to tell the world. —

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