Resting on a Water Drop

Air on the G String (paper, acrylic, watercolour, 51x70cm)
Resting on a Water Drop (paper, acrylic, watercolour, 51 x 70 cm)

In this piece you first notice nature images, but upon a closer look it is visible that a lady with orange hair is resting on a water drop (see the first image below). In the right half of the painting a large face (see the second image below) is gently smiling with pale orange lips, hair made out of leaves, and an earring made out of three vertically aligned green leaves (hanging from her ear).

This latter person is an embodiment of nature. Her face is hidden in part behind a green leaf on the utmost right of the work. The whole painting was created while I was recurrently listening to J.S. Bach’s composition Air on the G String (Suite No. 3, BWV 1068). This music and nature itself, as well as a sense of beauty I see in both, are expressed in this relaxing and calming work of art.

A section of Resting on a Water Drop, showing vertically seated lady resting on a large water drop
Air on the G string (paper, acrylic, watercolour, 51x70cm)
A section of Resting on a Water Drop, showing a large face hidden in part by a leaf. This face has hair made out of leaves and is representing the gentle calm side of nature.


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