Forte into the Space

This work represents my vision of what it means to be a pianist and to play forte (strong or loud) as I imagine it. The strong spherical energy wave of sound, thought, and emotion extends from the performer toward planets, stars, galaxies and every soul in the universe who can perceive it.
I chose a tiny image of a pianist in the middle within a bluish sphere around her. On the bottom left are starry skies, and the top left half shows the planet harmonizing and resonating the energy of this art. A spiral shaped path along the continuously expanding spherical wave of forte piano energy depicts its harmony, resonance, and amplification through perceivers along its path.
The metallic paint and various elements of mixing semi-transparent colours into a tint here and there are related to each expanding sphere.
The art work has the word power and forte spelled under one golden beam expanding from the performer’s heart – but it is also covered and perceivable only under certain light.
Yellow colour representing wisdom and illumination is employed in the middle layers of expanding energy to describe the nature of the energy of forte.
 forte 1
The work was also featured on a piano CD Radiant Classics (Really Records, Pianist Nina Soyfer, Engineer Doug Doctor, Producer David Jaeger)