What People Say About Nina Soyfer’s Music

“[Nina Soyfer’s] music is beautiful! It’s very dreamy and atmospheric.” “…[she is] gifted at composing! I really like the contrasts of moods between the pieces, the delicacy and lightness, as well as the nostalgic feeling in many of them. I really, really love the Frolicsome Polka!”

Maria Dolnyky (musician, pianist, educator, producer)

“It was spectacular and very exhilarating. I enjoyed the whole experience…[of Dao Zsi premiere March 4, 2017, with Jubilate Singers]”

Naresh Ullal (TD bank)

“Wow …[Dao Zsi – the Jubilate Singers video!] The piece is terrific, and we enjoyed your singing and dancing…it looked so very African.”

Linda Litwack (musician, pianist, vocalist)

“What a fine, expressive piece, and beautifully danced.” [Dao Zsi premiere March 4, 2017)

Peter Solomon

“What an harmonious, lively, lithe and energetic production!” [about Dao Zsi, March 4, 2017, Toronto]

George Hathaway (Professional Engineer and lifelong choirboy)

“It was really good… it was different, unexpected merging of cultures. The music was fantastic!” unnamed 1 thumb

Oliver Buttoo (Piano Enjoyment – Youtube, musician, composer)