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Great News – a friend of mine, wonderful musician, (and my boss :)) John Force, owner of Neighbournote Music School, is sharing a warm welcome to all of you for joining our benefit concert “Let’s Sing,” to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association.  You can purchase tickets here. Come out, it is going to wonderful!

Over the past decade, Nina Soyfer has performed Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, and Debussy all over the world – from Canada to Ukraine, from America to Israel; and she loves to inspire all generations with classical music.

The following review is an excerpt from Keyed In (March 2018). 20180302_135025.png.620x308_q85_box-0,40,1010,541_crop_detail_upscale

In this debut release (recorded at Glenn Gould Studio), Radiant Classics (Really Records RR 2017002, really-records.com), Nina Soyfer demonstrates her innate ability to meet the stylistic demands of a remarkably varied program. This admirable skill rests on the foundation of an impressive keyboard technique and artistic insight. She performs the Bach Toccata in D Major BWV 912 with freedom and sensitivity. The Fugue in particular dances beautifully under the lightness of her touch.

The disc opens with Beethoven’s 32 Variations on an Original Theme in C Minor WoO 80 and closes with his Appasionata Sonata. The Variations demand many changes in mood and the sonata depends greatly on the convincing delivery of the first movement’s heroic theme. Soyfer comes to these works with an unerring sense of who Beethoven is in all his emotional complexity, and creates an experience that is both authentic and profound.

The recording’s most interesting pieces are the two Preludes by Ukrainian composer Vasyl Barvinsky. Not many of his works survive. His late-Romantic, impressionistic style is highly crafted and somewhat reminiscent of Chopin. Soyfer brings considerable emotion and power to his music, leaving the clear impression that more of it needs to be heard.

Nina is a classical composer and has worked with choirs and ensembles. Here is a song she composed and performed with Toronto-based choir Jubilate Singers


Nina Soyfer Tour Dates

Sorsornie with African Dance Ensemble
Dr. Nina Soyfer is an artist, painter, dancer, musician, poet, and creator of Integrated Arts Method, TM, and School in Ontario, Canada,

Healing, Reiki, Consultation

healerNina Soyfer is a healer with a range of modalities, including but not limited to Reiki, Shamanic Techniques, Energy, and other techniques not classified by modern practices. Nina holds certifications from the Saskatchewan Institute of Natural Medicine in Kinesiology, Herbalism, Nutrition Therapy, and Relaxation Therapy. Her Reiki Masters include but are not limited to Diane Stein and Yelena Steplyuk.

Her experience in healing dates back many generations and it is now supported in her practice by the wonderful learning of new methods which are always ongoing. A few of her qualifications are listed below:

  • 15 years of Reiki and various channeling techniques (2 Master Certificate Holder)
  • Home Healing Studio
  • Honesty, Full Dedication, and Love towards clients
  • Clients given best service possible
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Natural Medicine, Diploma in Natural Medicine
  • Direct work with Hilarion and Shamanic Ancestry
  • Ongoing student with Michelle Karen

Nina Soyfer is a healer and an artist. Please use the contact form below for your inquiries.

Love and Light,



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