Dr. Nina Soyfer is a prize-winning pianist, poet, dancer, and composer. She holds PhD in music, education, and arts.

Nina Soyfer is the official artist name and author on Spotify, Amazon, Chapters, Indigo, iTunes etc.

Dr. Nina Soyfer is a Scholar, Educator, Author of 3 books, Yoga teacher, Visual Artist, Singer, Composer, and Classically Trained multi-style pianist.

You can listen to her classical piano album Radiant Classics, or to numerous other styles including pop music, and contemporary.
Find on her Music Channel https://www.youtube.com/@ninasoyfervevo633

Found on her YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/NinaSoyfer

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Create stunning houses in your neighborhood
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Sales Link: https://store.bookbaby.com/book/the-art-from-my-heart

“I first began painting when I was 12-14 years old. My professional paintings I mean, not just children’s classes.

My style was fantasy-based and soul-driven.

I was addicted and couldn’t stop for days.

My parents had to ask the administration of the university I attended to give me a leave of absence while I painted.

And so, just like that, my career as a visual artist began.

I was not very aware of my surroundings while I painted, and so my friends visited and talked while I painted; or grabbed a brush and helped.

I have now completed more than 500 art-works, and most of the ones professionally photographed are in this book.

My hat goes off to my designer, who was able to fit it in just a 100 pages or so. And so, I hope you get a copy and receive the energies of healing; and activate your mind with extremely detailed ones.” (Nina Soyfer)

It would really be useful if you got a copy as it would allow me to use the money to produce more beautiful art.

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  1. Author, poet, artist – Dr. Soyfer currently has published two books, “The Arts form My Heart” and “Poems and Art” along with a few audio CDs which contain her artwork, poetry, and music. Her expertise, apart from being an award winning poet, prize winning artist and musician, also includes PhD in arts, several diplomas, and a large performance, exhibition, and writing experience.
  2. Pianist and singer/songwriter: As a pianist Dr. Soyfer released “Radiant Classics” which had been reviewed positively by Whole Note magazine, and featured in several websites and one of the unique recording sources of rare composer Vasyl Barvinsky.
  3. Dr. Soyfer also is a healer and psychology of ancient methods specialist. Her diplomas include channeling from The University of Light, Peruvian Shaman from Phoenix School of Shamanic Studies, and Kinesiology, Nutrition therapy, Relaxation therapy, and Herbalism from the Saskatchewan University of Natural Medicine. She also holds a few certifications of Master Reiki, including the one from Diene Stein, a world-best selling author on Reiki.
  4. Finally, Dr. Soyfer is an actress, and has been in lead roles in Ukrainian and Canadian theaters, toured intensively, and joined African performance group which incorporates theater, dance, music, and history ADE (African Dance Ensemble) lead by Dr. Isaac Akrong. They received awards and performed at important festivals and governmental functions. As a TV and Film actress, Dr. Soyfer has been part of a positive commercial about remote living (feature on this cite in Actress section in About menu) and has qualified herself by attending several schools and being featured in conferences and performances in categories such as Improv, Singer, Dancer, Monologue, Film Scenes, and Cold Read, as well as Host trainings.
  5. More on her composition and music in Toronto can be found at Canadian Music Centre.org and through her presence on social media, YouTube (Nina Soyfer) and other internet published sources (including commercially available recordings of her music on iTunes and Spotify, Youtube music, and Amazon music)