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My Favorite Books

Book “Two Lives” by Concordia Evgenievna Antarova My translation of favorite sections: Page 324 “All the help, which you can encompass in yourself, is given to you from ME through […]

Nina Soyfer – Actress

Dr. Nina Soyfer is a professional actress trained and professionally established in TV and Film, and Theater, as well as musicals and other performing arts related to acting. Her performing […]

Nina Soyfer – Vocalist

Dr. Soyfer’s vocal public performance has been ongoing from 1991, and until today voice improvisation and pre-composed repertoire are in line with her other musical and artistic endevours. For example, […]

Nina Soyfer – Composer

Dr. Nina Soyfer is a classically trained composer, symphony orchestra conductor, classical pianist, musicologist, music theory specialist, educator, and vocalist, originally from Ukraine and now a Canadian citizen. She studied composition with […]

Nina Soyfer – Dancer

About Nina Soyfer as Dancer, Choreographer, and Dance Educator Nina Soyfer was born in Vinnitsya City, Ukraine. At the age of five she started her music, dance, and art education. By fourteen […]