Nina Soyfer - healerI am Nina Soyfer – (Composer, Pianist, Visual Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Dancer, Yoga Instructor, Author, Scholar, Educator)

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My Expertise:

Composer – Canadian Music Center Associate Composer, Commercially Published Audio Recordings, Scores, and Videos, over 300 finished works
Pianist – Prize-winning pianist, PhD, LRCM in piano, recording artist with Really Records, with audio and video published internationally; composer-pianist;
Visual Artist – prize-winning artist, with over 500 finished art words, published by bookbaby, and online, reprints available on Amazon, and commercial books (“The Art from My Heart” and “Poems and Art”); international exhibitions, commissioned works, art published on iTunes albums (Perspective Changer; Ananda; Radiant Classics; and inside sleeve of All-Inclusive Love); published in Europian journals reproductions; radio broadcast in Israel of art works “The Moon System” and “Fantastic Forest”
Singer/Songwriter – published and signed artist, with latest album “All-Inclusive Love” and official videos published on VEVO and Youtube; several singles commercially released in English, Russian, and Light Language; Scores printed (Alive), and performances include various venues – guest performer at Visionaries of Light Convergence, at fundraising events, and festivals.
Dancer – over 300 performances professionally, as international dancer; current specialization various styles and African dance; competitions, festivals, and government involving performances, such as performing in front of Governor General of Canada, and most recently receiving certificate of accomplishment with African Dance Ensemble; studied at university, employed by theatres, international competitions (as dancer/choreographer), and dance companies (as soloist, improviser, and creative performer)
Yoga Instructor – over 18 years of practice; various styles, especially agni yoga, and tibetan yoga, but also more commercially available styles; as a dancer – students often choose to combine yoga with fitness instruction; youtube channel Dance and Fitness Nina Soyfer has some demonstrations, as well as channel “Iamethod School” and main channel “Nina Soyfer”
Scholar – PhD in Philosophy, majoring in music and music education, psychology of education, composition and multi-arts, piano; the research in in neuroscience, education, and innovation of new method titled Integrated Arts Method TM. The Masters research is of impressionistic music of Ukraine 20th century, and other studies include ethno and musicology, classical and African music. The publications involve international journals, conferences, video-publications, and most recently the method and it’s presentation were presented in Ukraine (two locations) in Ukrainian, and Russian translations. Website with some research is;

Other research involves co-authoring books, and presenting, training new scholars, and researching further in the fields of mind and self-learning.

Natural Medicine – diploma in Natural Medicine from The Sascachewan university of Natural Medicine, certifications in Relaxation therapy, Kinesciology, Herbalism, and Nutritional Therapy. Also many years of working with various other training programs, including The University of Light diploma.
Author – commercial publications include poetry and art work titled “Poems and Art” by Nina Soyfer, and “The Art from my Heart” by the same. In print are a few more publications, and several articles, and international academic prints have been released.
Educator – founder of the Integrated Arts Method School (*or, employing method registered under Trademarks, and specializing in teaching educators on improved techniques, as well as certifying in the IAMethod Technique. Students take lessons in yoga, painting, dance, classical piano, voice, composition, theory, and guitar, as well as in channeling and telepathy – all are just partial subject Nina teaches. Classes are strictly adjusted to fit students – unless they are training. As educator also presenting at conferences and collaborating with others on developing and supporting new ways of teaching and learning.
Reiki Master – Several certificates, with three master Reiki teachers. The most recent one being Deane Stein. Passing attunements, and certifying students, over 15 years of practice and teaching practice.
Peruvian Shaman – diploma from Michelle Karen school of Shamanic Studies in Phoenix, also known as medicine woman, with 9 initiations and 4 directions completed. Complete misa holder and practicing Shaman.
Improviser – Nina is fluent at improvising dance, visual art (on the spot no preparation), music, and singing; this overlaps with her acting expertise also listed in this website under about; Nina is professional actress, with lead roles under her belt in European theaters, professional work and touring in North America; as well as film and TV work and training;

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