My Teaching Method (IAM)

I want to briefly introduce my method of teaching and learning titled IAM or Integrated Arts Method.
 In about 2000, I started teaching various students and observing myself and them during this process. I then discovered that some techniques worked better than others. 
My method now is based on three key principles, and their sub-principles (or aspects).
Learning should be:
  1. Experiential
  2. Synthesized
  3. Conducive
It is not as it seems, but it also is as it seems. Experiential means (indeed) by experience first. Synthesized is similar to integrating various mutually enriching subjects. And, conducive means helpful for learning, conducive atmosphere, positive, appropriately challenging and engaging.
Apart from common meaning, these principles cary their unique to IAMethod meaning – the one defined within the IAM or the Integrated Arts Method approach and trademark.
A lengthy explanation done academically is available in my doctoral work (click here to read).
A shorter overview of a few aspects is presented in the website dedicated IAMethod –
I am also envisioning a book on IAMethod with shorted explanation, without many examples and details – for the reader with less time available for this.
That is it for now.
Hope you enjoyed reading this intro.
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