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Dr. Nina Soyfer is a classically trained composer, symphony orchestra conductor, classical pianist, musicologist, music theory specialist, educator, and vocalist, originally from Ukraine and now a Canadian citizen.

She studied composition with Professor Michael Coghlan and Arthur Levine, pianism and performance editing with Professor Christina-Petrowska Quilico, and she completed her doctoral studies in music at York University in Toronto, with composition project included in the dissertation. Nina Soyfer’s career as composer began in 2003 with her prize-winning piano miniature Frolicsome Polka, which was published in Suzir’ya Muz magazine and premiered in Ukraine. She has since completed over 100 compositions mainly for piano, voice, choir, percussion, guitar, Ukrainian lute (Bandura), as well as string quartet and orchestra. She has also completed West African percussion-inspired arrangements of intercultural folk tunes, and collaborative works with composers/writers from Tanzania, America, Russia, and Ukraine.

Nina Soyfer’s works have been performed in Humanity in Harmony Festival (2010-2011), Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts (2015),
and other concerts in Toronto and Ottawa. She collaborated with singer/songwriter William Izungo, world-renowned writer and talented
poet Drunvalo Melchizedek, and one of the most loved composers of Russian Musicals, Genadiy Gladkov. Her works have
been performed by Owen Lawrence, Isaac Akrong, Leonhard Williams, Paul Therrien, Jane Loewen, and Carol Gibson. Her compositions were commissioned/performed by choirs such as Blue Jazz Choir and Jubilate Singers.

Dr. Nina Soyfer also proposed a compositional style in her PhD dissertation, as part of her Integrated Arts Method, for enhanced teaching and ensemble work, where the composer collaborates with teachers/conductors and students/performers. She gathered and presented scientific research supporting educational and emotional benefits of this compositional style.

Being a prize-winning specialist painter (Israel in Dance and Colour 2003) with over 200 works, dancer (hundreds of performances), poet (about 50 works), prize-winning pianist (Thomas W. Doherty Prize in Piano 2008), and music performer (vocalist, guitarist, Ukrainian folk instrumentalist, etc.), her compositions have had unique influence from her synesthetic-like associations.

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Please click on the name of a piece to see sample sheet music and hear an audio sample.Piano Solo                                                                                                                    

Frolicsome Polka, piano solo, 2003.

I Love You My Ninetta, piano solo, February 2012.

Mixed Feelingspiano solo, April 2013.

Nature Musings, piano solo, September 2014.

Sun Behind the Afternoon Clouds, piano solo, February 2013.

Choral Music 

Invisible Connection, for a cappella SATB choir, June 2012 – Sept. 2015.

Voice and Piano 

Your Smile, voice and piano, December 2011.

“[Nina Soyfer’s] music is beautiful! It’s very dreamy and atmospheric.” “…[she is] gifted at composing! I really like the contrasts of moods between the pieces, the delicacy and lightness, as well as the nostalgic feeling in many of them. I really, really love the Frolicsome Polka!”

Maria Dolnyky (musician, pianist, educator, producer)

“It was spectacular and very exhilarating. I enjoyed the whole experience…[of Dao Zsi premiere March 4, 2017, with Jubilate Singers]”

Naresh Ullal (TD bank)

“Wow …[Dao Zsi – the Jubilate Singers video!] The piece is terrific, and we enjoyed your singing and dancing…it looked so very African.”

Linda Litwack (musician, pianist, vocalist)

“What a fine, expressive piece, and beautifully danced.” [Dao Zsi premiere March 4, 2017)

Peter Solomon

“What an harmonious, lively, lithe and energetic production!” [about Dao Zsi, March 4, 2017, Toronto]

George Hathaway (Professional Engineer and lifelong choirboy)

“It was really good… it was different, unexpected merging of cultures. The music was fantastic!” unnamed 1 thumb

Oliver Buttoo (Piano Enjoyment – Youtube, musician, composer)