Art Songs (Voice and Piano)

The photo was taken from a tree where I was resting.

Alphabetical List of Art Songs (Voice and Piano) Etobicoke North, Canada. 


  1. A Day With Gaia (Part of Music Diary Series)
  2. 55th Birthday Song (S Dnem Rojdeniya Papa)
  3. A Pure Soul (Chistaya Dusha)
  4. Appreciation Song
  5. Bright Shining Stars, June 5, 2012
  6. Davai Spoiem (Let Us Sing Together)
  7. Everything, Everywhere, Always (aka EEA)
  8. I Want to Melt Into the Light
  9. Inside Us
  10. Invisible Connection
  11. Look Into Your Heart (lyrics by Drunvalo Melchizedek)
  12. My Love

    These moments are when I start hearing melodies and words in my head. Songs like Everything, Everywhere, Always, A Day with Gaya, and many guitar songs were composed in nature.
  13. Sing Along
  14. Snow (or Sneg)
  15. Sofiya
  16. Sunny Birthday Song (Part of Music Diary Series)
  17. Texture of Sky
  18. The New Energy of Life
  19. The Only Friend
  20. Their Love (35th Anniversary Song) aka Их Любовь
  21. Universal Comforting Song: Fur Maxim
  22. Your Faith in You
  23. Your Smile
  24. Your World is Filled With Harmony (lyrics by Eugene Lykhovoy)Attracted to a beautiful place anywhere on earth, guided by the nature there (like the river in the image below), a song comes into my mind. This is how My Land was composed, with this particular river (e.g., lyrics: ” on my left a hazel waterflow, purifies my mind so I let go of fears, keeping only my light…”).20140924_150514