Abilities of the Mind

brain-770044_1920A more modern look at the research in human neuroscience, at human abilities of the mind and intelligence of the heart reveal interesting phenomenon, in part studied by the HeartMath Institute, and in part research by Richard Davidson, and many other, including myself.

As you know Richard Davidson is one of the leading researchers on the human mind. And the HeartMath institute did amazing progress in research on the human ability to remain in optimal state, or physiological coherence, as well research in heart intelligence.

My own involvement into science of the mind and heart stemmed from my practical research in the subject areas of educational psychology, art and performance psychology, and experiential practice aimed at accelerated, joyful, and high quality performance of new and experienced artists.

The other research I have been doing, both from my doctoral studies and career, is in the ability to memorize on demand large quantity of data. The cognitive load theory was instrumental in facilitation of preliminary data collection for experimental pedagogy I have been conducting for the past 20 something years.

Finally, our ability to pre-stimulus response, or to sense events a split second before they take place was explained scientifically by the HeartMath institute and other researchers.

Resized_20160620_174329_100 (1)The ability to perceive or sense future events is not unique to intuitive feeling, it is also possible to explain such phenomenon from the perspective of dreams that become pointers of future potentials, and even sensing one’s reality beyond visible means – again using the abilities of the mind, intelligence of the heart, and even, sometimes, quantum DNA – yet another area of experimental science.

Training and learning in these areas have led to the understanding of telepathy between family members, friends, or, sometimes, on demand. Also, the understanding of abilities that we often bypass with our attention directed to visual and auditory stimuli – the subsensory information, which Georgy Lozanov spoke of in detail – the information is not only appearance and feeling we receive from surrounding, it can be trained to expand into telepathic, empathic, or even heightened senses.

The point of these areas of research and practice, as well as my recent qualification from natural medicine and certifications from ancient traditions of healers and psychologist specialists – ancient meaning the way of practice, – I now understand the importance of on demand self-learning and training oneself for the benefit of our growth, and the growth of those we love.

The practice I currently hold is positive in its direction – that is – people who learn to grow their own abilities usually mean well to themselves and to others.

If you wish to develop your abilities of the mind, please do not hesitate to contact me and set up a lesson plan. If you are a fellow researcher – interested in collaboration – please know that my laboratory is limited to my studios and some equipment I own – and be prepared to collect my data as practice based, and first hand experience based – although I do often support my finding with scientific secondary research.

Thank you for reading this.