Alive feat. Dante – Official Video

Alive is an original song composed by Nina Soyfer. It has a published score, released by CMC – click here for score.

Below is the official music video and premiere details.

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World Premiere of Alive by Nina Soyfer (voice/piano)
Music by Nina Soyfer
Percussion Stehen Scharper
Guitar Alex Soyfer
Piano/Voice Nina Soyfer
Video Produced by Nina Soyfer

read below about thee event and more about Stephen Scharper.

Environmental Studies in University of Toronto, Lecture with a Guest Lecturer and Artists.
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Titled: A Day With Gaia: Music, Joy, and the Quest for an Integrated Ecology With Dr. Stephen Bede Scharper and Dr. Nina Soyfer

An open performance and lecture with arts and music, performed by Prof. Stephen B. Scharper (percussion, poetry reading) and composed by and performed by Dr. Nina Soyfer (piano, voice), with Q and A at the end, and lecture by both performers.

Dr. Scharper’s research and teaching are in the areas of environmental ethics, worldviews and ecology, liberation theology, as well as nature and the city. His books For Earth’s Sake: Toward a Compassionate Ecology (Novalis 2013), and The Natural City: Re-envisioning Human Settlements (co-editor, University of Toronto Press), and other writings, including the ones in Toronto Star are definitely worth checking out. His extensive research and expertise are so impressive that an open lecture is with him is just an amazing opportunity.

Dr. Nina Soyfer’s research in integrated and progressive education, scientific research supporting effective and enjoyable learning methods, and musicology, including Ukrainian piano music, and mathematics and symmetry in music are accompanying her artistic status as award-winning classical pianist, composer, visual artist, and multi-artistic endeavours. Spotify and itunes artist she signed with Really Records and produced Radiant Classics piano album with David Jaeger and Doug Doctor. Her doctoral research was focused on improving education and developing effective teaching methods in music, integrated arts, and other subject areas (read more at and She analyzed these methods and developed a general theory grounded in and corroborated by research in neurophysiology, psychology, sociology, and pedagogy.

Read more about Prof. Scharper at

Nina Soyfer’s latest release It’s for you to Breathe (itunes, spotify), and selected original compositions like Nature Musings, A Day with Gaia, Alive and others will be accompanied by Prof. Scharper’s exciting percussion performance. Both will discuss topics including arts and nature, integrated environment view, and the lecture and take place as part of the Environmental Studies in the School of the Environment University of Toronto.