Archangel Chamuel

Dr. Nina Soyfer. Art Information.
25 Art Works from Archangel Michael

The energy of this Archangel of Love and charity is infused into the art. As you meditate on it or observe it during meals and relaxation – you are learning subconsciously about the unconditional, joyous, and all-inclusive energy of divine love. (subjective statement of the Artist)


About the collection:

Dr. Nina Soyfer was commissioned to create 25 artworks that were going to be channeled by Archangel Michael. His objective, as he put it, with these works was to: “bring forth your and your fellow human’s ascension into a more advanced and loving civilization and a team of light”200317_1015_Nina_Soyfer_art

  1. acrylics, (11×8.5 in), 2020. 250$ US