Meditate, Move, Give and Receive Love

  1. Dr. Nina Soyfer. Art Information.
    25 Art Works from Archangel Michael

    Nina Soyfer Art info. Meditate, Move, Give and Receive Love, acrylic and gel (12×12 in), 2020. 470$ US

This piece is the seed, as Carolyn Goodridge referred to is, of the collection. It is a holographic whole with all art works infused into it and hence it pertains to a multi-dimensional experiences. The benefits of healing, inspiration, awakening of action, and loving frequencies are just some of the many benefits of having that art in your direct view, or side view – effect is the same. (subjective statement of the Artist)


acrylic and gel (12×12 in), 2020. 470$ US

About the collection:

Dr. Nina Soyfer was commissioned to create 25 artworks that were going to be channeled by Archangel Michael. His objective, as he put it, with these works was to: “bring forth your and your fellow human’s ascension into a more advanced and loving civilization and a team of light”