Ananda – Video

Ananda,” (paper, gel pens, markers, 37 x 25 cm), by Nina Soyfer.
Photography by Oksana Steplyuk (StudioSo).

Explore this detailed work for hidden words in Sanskrit and images meant to represent the bliss of one’s soul.

This video takes the viewer on a journey across the details of a single art work. This work is small but was painted in even smaller sections, each expressing a theme in the artist’s creation process. This means that the work was envisioned as a succession of the most beautiful combinations of colours and shapes the artist felt to create in the process, and the details of these sections are depicted through this video.
The music was made to accompany the viewing of the art work, and is simply setting the mood for a joyful and inspired viewing. For more art works by Nina Soyfer, please visit art works page, or click here.
To see more photography by Oksana Steplyuk please visit StudioSo at