Inside a Flame

Dragon flame wind lord_Reflective_7694
Inside a Flame (watercolour, paper, A4 format)

This work shows what I see inside hot flames as a fire, and cold ones – as blazing winds. The dragon on the right top corner flames a beautiful sunset which in turn illuminates the water red and yellow. A sun beam descends behind the dragon’s head.The heart shape of pure love is represented below the dragon by the swan neck shaped gates with beautiful garden-like greens surrounding it. A smiling light green face in the bottom right corner depicts a cheerful spirit. The bottom middle section contains snowy mountains with a cold pale sun to its left and a conical twister to its right. This cold panorama is being blown to life by the wind God depicted by the dark charcoal profile of a bearded male at the tip of the twister. The viewer can contact me directly for further explanations, or just enjoy their own discoveries as they observe this art work.

Prints are available. Please contact Nina Soyfer using the form below if you would like more information or a print of this painting.