Inside of a Flower

Inside a Flower, (acrylics, cardboard, 51 x 70 cm) – 2014, art work by Nina Soyfer, photography by

Flower petals centered around an orange face are easily seen from a distance. Upon a closer look the deeper workings of nature are seen, through figures on the top right and left of the painting.
The figure on the left is transmitting beams of light which radiate as the beauty of the flower for all to admire.

Inside a flowerright-corner-web-version-Inside-a-flower_Reflective_8110

The two figures on the right hold the light and life force of the flower between the palms of their hands (in a prayer position but made with palms of two beings).

Below is an image taken in order to show all metallic sparkles in this work.

(acrylics, cardboard, 51 x 70 cm) – 2014

Prints are available. Please contact Nina Soyfer using the form below if you would like more information or a print of this painting.