Oscillatory Descendant (Birthday Song)

Oscillatory Descendant is a “Birthday Song” first dreamed (in this particular key) and then composed by Nina Soyfer on March 11, 2015.
Mim Adams, Dickson Benjamin, William Dietrich, Nina Soyfer and York Jazz Choir 2016 singers (listed below) have recorded it on March 15, 2016 as a gift for Gilbert Verghese and Lisa Yee (Verghese) on the occasion of their shared birthday.
This song can be used as a birthday song and sent to anyone.
For those wishing to perform this song, the SATB and piano music is available upon request.

Video Credits:
Mim Adams – Conductor
Dickson Benjamin – Drums
William Dietrich – Bass
Nina Soyfer – Piano
Nairah Amani
Andrew Wright
Anumta Khan
Robyn Grant-Moran
Braven Carvalho
Madisen Drummond
Queenie Chu
Alexis English-Sufrin
Jessica Pasia
Andre Williams
Airol Zhao
Samantha Kong
Clarryz Laurio
Elaine Nieto