Under the Sea of Angels – SOLD

Under the Sea of Angels_Acrylic_Nina SoyferUnder the Sea of Angels (non reflective) watermaekNina SoyferThis abstract art work represents the various levels between our perceptions and reality. It depicts a young female form in the middle, a double helix connecting her to a higher consciousness (represented by a single eye) and then to the universe. At the same time, the art depicts leaf forms and green elements of nature, plants, and water, which illustrate a connection to nature.
At a finer scale, the work is seen to contain fractal-like details and facial forms, allowing for the viewer to have varying interpretations of the painting and its parts from different points of view and distances.
Acrylic paint (including metalic) was applied first, followed by sparkling and metalic gel. Finally, a special technique of carefully dipping the gel pen into metalic acrylic was used to create lines that gradually change in colour from metalic white, for example, to blue and yellow. The advantage of this technique, as opposed to paint only, is that colours blend along filaments while remaining controlled and thin. The various stars and ornaments in this art are intricate representations of similarities one may find between deep ocean waters and telescopic views of outer space.





The buyer of this painting is my music student and friend Oliver, who is seen overlooking his art in his room. The photos also show his bed and art in the room – he is using this art to heal, relax, and enjoy its harmonious unity with his turquoise room.

You can also see the process of photographing art work and the way it was represented in the music album of music I wrote and performed titled Perspective Changer.

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