Touched by Love – Video

“Touched by Love,” music and art works by Nina Soyfer. Email Nina at to purchase a painting. Photography by StudioSo (

In this video music and art works are integrated to provide a preview, whereas detailed viewing of art works by Nina Soyfer is available under “Art Works” or by clicking here.

Below is the List of Nina Soyfer’s 48 Art Works Featured in the Video: (Click on the Titles Below to See Each Image Individually).

  1. Inside a Flame (watercolour, paper, A4 format)
  2. Silver Patterns of Life (silver metallic gel pen, paper, a book design)
  3. Jazz Queen (paper, acrylic, 51 x 70 cm)
  4. Mouth of Sight (watercolour paint, paper, A4 format)
  5. Ink Variations (metallic gel, sparkles, paper)
  6. Afflatus for Dance (paper, crayons, gel pens, watercolour, 24 x 30 cm)
  7. Rainbow Vortex (paper, acrylics, gel) – (triptych)
  8. Pineapple (paper, watercolour, acrylic)
  9. Eugene (cardboard, acrylic, 51 x 70 cm)
  10. Seduction (watercolour and acrylic paint, paper, A4)
  11. Exploration (metallic gel, markers, ink, paper)
  12. Deep Under Water (paper, acrylic, gel pen)
  13. The Guardians of an Obelisk (black ink, paper)
  14. Ornamented Petals (markers, metallic gel, sparkles, paper)
  15. Seeing Through the Forest Floor (metallic gel, paper)
  16. Fragmented Variations (paper, metallic crayons, markers, 22 x 30 cm)
  17. David (paper, ink, metallic gel)
  18. Before the Kiss (cardboard, acrylic)
  19. Love Toward a Beloved (pencil, paper, A4 format)
  20. Compassion (watercolour paint, paper, A4)
  21. Underwater Garden (paper, pencil, ink)
  22. Hidden Treasure (cardboard, watercolour and acrylic paint)
  23. Actress (ink, black gel, paper)
  24. Tender Abstractions (watercolour paint, paper, A4)
  25. The Fire of Opposites (paper, waterclour paint, markers)
  26. Triptych: “Who Am I?” (paper, watercolour paint)
  27. The Flakes of Emotion (paper, watercolour paint)
  28. Blooms in Space (paper, 2009)
  29. Letting Go of a Heart (acrylic paint, cardboard)
  30. The Eye of the Storm (paper, watercolours, A4)
  31. Through the Eyes of Conjunctivitis (paper, markers, watercolour paint)
  32. The Flame of Intention (acrylic, metallic, paper)
  33. A Unity of Creation (black gel, ink, and paper, letter format)
  34. Forest and the Sun (metallic gel, paper)
  35. Hidden Personalities (paper, black ink, miniature)
  36. Duality (paper, ink, 9 x 12 cm)
  37. Flowered Eye (paper, gel pen)
  38. ARCT (pencils, paper, letter format)
  39. Tibetan Tracery (ink, paper)
  40. Beauty in Sheets (watercolour paint, paper, A4)
  41. Mystery of Nature and Mind (paper, pencil)
  42. In a Bubble of Sadness (acrylics, watercolour paint, cardboard)
  43. A Broken Heart (watercolour paint, paper, A4)
  44. Rhombus (black ink, paper)
  45. Hieroglyph of Intellect (paper, gel, metallic and sparkles, acrylic) – triptych
  46. A Greek Sculpture (paper, pencil, ink, markers)
  47. The Vase with Flowers (paper, black ink, 9 x 12 cm)
  48. Endemic Dewdrops (crayons, gel pen, paper, 28 x 22 cm)