Lifting Off the Earth

“Lifting Off the Earth,” music and art works by Nina Soyfer. Photography by Oksana Steplyuk, StudioSo (

Both music and art in this video integrate various styles into a unified sequence of sounds and images. Some art works displayed in this video illustrate the very different perceptual effects between metallic colours reflected and not reflected. Other art works are aimed at expressing or evoking an emotion. For example, it is hoped the work titled “Children of the North” brings a smile to the viewer.

Below is the List of Nina Soyfer’s Art Works Featured in the Video: (Click on the Titles Below to See Each Image Individually).

  1. Evolution (paper, watercolour, 37 x 25 cm)
  2. Children of the North (cardboard, acrylic, watercolours, 70 x 51 cm)
  3. Weltanschauung of Andrew (cardboard, acrylic, watercolour, 70 x 51 cm)
  4. Prince of Egypt (canvas, acrylic, 30 x 15 cm)
  5. Spring in Fall (paper, gel pens, markers)
  6. The Way of Music (paper, acrylic, 11 x 15 inches)
  7. Blue Fantasy (paper, watercolor, acrylic, markers, 37 x 25 cm)
  8. Four-Dimensional Rainbow (paper, acrylic, watercolour, 51 x 70 cm)
  9. The Harp of Her Soul (cardboard, acrylic, 51 x 70 cm)
  10. The Purple of My Soul (acrylics, cardboard, 51 x 70 cm)
  11. Turquoise (paper, gel pen, markers, 28 x 22 cm)
  12. On the Banks of the Earth (markers, metallics)
  13. An Evening Mood (paper, gel pens, metallic, 37 x 25 cm)
  14. Hetaira (paper, watercolour, 51 x 70 cm)
  15. Attraction (paper, gel pens, markers, 37 x 25 cm)
  16. Victor’s Intentions (paper, acrylic paint, 37 x 25 cm)
  17. Opera Singer (ink, paper, miniature)
  18. To Love Oneself in Harmony with Others (metallic gel, paper, miniature)
  19. Thawing Desert (photo paper, gel pens, markers, 10 x 15 cm)
  20. The Prince of the Nile River (golden metallic gel, paper)
  21. Galaxy (paper, gel pen, markers, watercolour, 8 x 11 cm)
  22. The Creation of Life (cardboard, watercolour, acrylic, 146 x 94 cm)
  23. A Kiss of Purpose (gel pen, metallics, sparkles, markers, paper)
  24. The Amber Galaxy (paper, watercolour, gel pens, 56 x 70 cm)
  25. Inside of Bioenergy (paper, gel pens, 16 x 23 cm)
  26. Three Seasons of Time (paper, watercolour, 30 x 41cm)
  27. A Compassionate Act (paper, markers, metallics, sparkles)
  28. The Quest for Light – Duplex II (paper, watercolour, 21x 29.5 cm)